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The camp-base of the scout district in Świdnica

Scouts’ camp center ZHP Swidnica in Niesulice at Niesłysz lake

Our center is situated at  Niesłysz lake, gmina Skąpe, lubuskie province. It is one of the cleanest and biggest lake in Poland (486,2 ha, lenght 4700m wide 1700m,  max depth 34,7m). The lake is surrounded by pine forest with some deciduous forest. The lake’s coastal line is 19 km with a lot of gulfs and peninsulas. There are also three big islands with deciduous trees.Our camp center is 2 km from a village Niesulice, 4 km from Ołobok, 13 km from Świebodzin  and 45 km from Zielona Góra.

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OUR CAMP CENTREThe first time we pitched our camp was in 1968. Clean water and good programme persuaded everybody to come here. Thru many years we have  taken care of the  high level of organization and programme. We  also take care of everybody and every partner of the camp to make them feel well. Every time we try to create a homely atmosphere. Our camp center is a name of Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński.

ACCOMMODATION - scouts live in soldier’s tents (5-6 people in each tent). Every partner has a camping bed, a mattress, a quilt, a blanket, a pillow and bed clothes. If it is a group of scouts we can talk about an individual accommodation . In a tent there is also one unit of furniture, a hanger (for clothes) and a camp bench. There isn’t electric light in  tents but  in a  leader’s tent there is electric light.
ROOMS – we have 11 rooms (3 people in each room) with a toilet and a shower for them, a small kitchen and a day-room. You can also rent the rooms if you wish. This place we call “Hollow”.

TOILETS - at the camping center there are two separate toilets (in a brick building), for men and women. There are 7 showers, 12 basins,  mirrors and 12 water - closets in each place. Showers are opened some hours a day, toilets with one more basin non stop. The staff keeps these places clean.

FOOD - scouts eat in a canteen for 200 people (a brick building). The canteen contains all necessary kitchen equipment: tables, chairs, forks, plates, knives, jugs and vases. In this building there is a new water heating system (gas-propan) which has been put into execution in 1997. We assure everybody 4 meals a day : breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. In the kitchen there  is a dishwasher place, a peeling vegetable place,  a toilet for a staff, a storeroom for food and a refrigerator.

MEDICAL CARE - A doctor and a nurse look after all children. There is a dispensary with medicines and there are two isolation wards for sick children. The nearest emergency and hospital are in Świebodzin 13 km from a camping center.

THE SWIMMING PLACE - is near the center. Two guards take care of the place. There is a clean beach with grass and a bridge over the lake. The place has a modern guard equipment. There are two separate swimming places. If you can’t swim take the first one, and if you can swim well take the deep one about 4m limited by buoys. Lifeguards talk with scouts about the safety in water.

MANAGEMENT - This is a list of people responsible for all conditions in the camp center:– Commander of The center and his deputy who take care of program– Quartermaster- who takes care of equipment– Store keeper - takes care of food store and documentation about that– Driver – supplies the camp with food and other needed things– Doctor and nurse – look after sick children – Lifeguards- take care of safety at swimming place– Policeman – also talks with teenagers about safety– Cleaners- keep toilets clean– Kitchen Chef and cooks – they cook all meals for everyone

PLAY FUN AND ACTIVITIES - We have an equipment that you can use to your activities:– sailing boats and 2 marinas– sports field 20m x 40m – two fields for volleyball, two for basketball or fields to soccer or handball. It is also place for disco, festivals (small scene)– sports equipment, balls to  basketball,  soccer,  volleyball– mountain bicycles– kayaks– climbing wall– archery– maps (nearest region) to the orientation course – swimming place witch lifeguards– campfire place– multimedia projector, screen, laptop witch internet– equipment to do discos– equipment to do karaoke (cordless)– fireplace under roof– carry barbecues  
In our center  400 people can rest at the same time. Each camp shift has about 10 little camps (20-30 people in each one) each little camp has its own speciality and can take part in many regional activities. (Walking routes, sports competitions, barbecues, discos, plastic exercises, song festival etc.)
NATURENearby there are a lot of animals and plants because of clean air. Many birds like eagles, swans, storks, herons, cranes. In the lake there are fish for example roaches, ropes, perches, pikes, eels. So it is a good region for fishing. Walking thru the forest you can see what beavers have done because they live nearby.

TOURIST COURIOSITIES - The region has many historical and sightseeing qualities : Międzyrzecki Rejon Umocnień, fortifications from the Second World War and some interesting tourist places : Lubrza, Łagów, Mostki, Cibórz, Świebodzin. At the region are also nature reserves like “Nad jeziorem Trześniowskim”, “Buczyna Łagowska”, “Pawski Ług”, “Gryżyński Park Krajobrazowy”. Also there is a castle from the 14th century, the park and Bukowiec mountain. It’s the highest hill at Lubuskie lake district.Świebodzin is one of the oldest chivalrous places in the area. Here famous battles took place in 10th and 11th centuries against Poland also 30 years war, 7 years war. Here Napoleon was going for Moscow and here  Międzyrzecki Rejon Umocnień, fortifications was interrupt and road for Berlin in 1945 was open.In Świebodzin everybody should visit a beautiful renaissance town hall, built in the 14th century. Inside there is a museum and a cafe. The baroque church built in 15th century is worth seeing. The alter in the church is made by Wit Stwosz’ pupils - very famous Polish artist. Another curious place is sanatorium for children - situated in an old castle. 

SOME MORE INFORMATION - The center is lit by lanterns (roads, camps, squares)There is a small shop in the center where children can buy sweets, cold drinks and ice creams. The nearest shop - in Niesulice - 2 km. In our camp center there were many scouts from different places in Poland and also from Germany, Holland, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, USA.

ADDRESS Camp address:
Oboz Hufca ZHP Świdnica w Niesulicach,
66-213 Skąpe, Agencja Pocztowa Ołobok

Komenda Hufca ZHP ul. Lelewela 18 58-100 Świdnica
tel./fax +48/74/8520179 

hm. Piotr Pamuła – Commander of Świdnica District
tel. +48 505 072 404


Związek Harcerstwa Polskiego
Chorągiew Dolnośląska
Hufiec im. Szarych Szeregów w Świdnicy
ul. Lelewela 18, 58-100 Świdnica 
tel./fax: +48 748520179
e-mail: swidnica@zhp.pl

TELEFON Kontakt: 501 831 101


Konto:SANTANDER S.A. O/Świdnica 
66 1090 2369 0000 0006 0200 0234 
KRS: 0000264246
REGON: 020380949-00141

Biuro KH czynne:
Pon. - Śr. 8.00-17.00,
Czw. - Pt. 8.00-15.00.

Dane do faktury:
ZHP Chorągiew Dolnośląska
Hufiec w Świdnicy
ul. Nowa 6, 50-082 Wrocław
NIP 897-172-05-40

Adres korespondencyjny:
Komenda Hufca ZHP Świdnica 
ul. Lelewela 18, 58-100 Świdnica
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